Turquoise Stone: Turquoise color, Uses, Benefits, Properties and Meaning

Multiple Benefits of Turquoise stone: Uses Benefits, Properties, and Meaning. Turquoise blue color, benefits of turquoise stone. what color is turquoise. What colors make turquoise

Turquoise Stone

The mention of gemstones brings about precious thoughts, expensive jewellery and beautiful decorations. Though lovely majority of precious stones like Turquoise are taken from odd places. Some are discovered at sea and in oceans, while others are buried deep in the sands. Though challenging, gemstones such as Turquoise offer multiple benefits. The stone has spiritual attachments that bring healing, beauty, and protection.

Turquoise is a crystal opaque material with a bluish-to-green colour that is a hydrated phosphate of copper and aluminium. It is a valuable and rare fine grade that has been devalued by introducing imitations, synthetic, and imitations into the market. Its unique hue has been prized as a gemstone for thousands of years.

These gemstone shave been one of the oldest and most popular for centuries. It has numerous benefits that help remove negative thoughts and bring positive feelings. Turquoise stone has a classical era with protection, good fortune, tranquillity, and hope and speaks for wisdom.

Turquoise Color

turquoise stone turquoise color, uses, benefits, properties and meaning
turquoise stone turquoise color, uses, benefits, properties and meaning

Benefits of Turquoise Stone

Benefits of wearing the turquoise stone

  • It boosts body immunity and physical strength
  • Protect you from bad lucks and misfortune
  • Enhances recognition and status in the society
  • It helps to cure body problems such as high blood pressure, depression and stress, infections, alcoholism, and more.
  • It keeps off evil energy and negative thoughts.
  • Improves self-confidence and communication
  • Inculcates creativity and deep understanding of the person
  • It helps the spiritual state of a person, understanding and infusing self-love
  • It brings harmony to the marriage couples

Factors to Determine the Turquoise Stone

Here are some quality for turquoise stones to buy when you shop;

  • Cut. Turquoise should be carved into carvings, inlay, and cabochons.
  • Carat weight. The turquoise stone’s weight should be measured 6 to 7 on the Mohs.
  • Color. The best quality turquoise colour is blue, which is highly valuable and desired compared to the greenish parts.
  • Clarity. The turquoise stone is opaque with colorful spider web-like inclusion known as matrixes, making it beautiful, ranging from black to gold.
  • Transparency: Turquoise stones are transparent, opaque or translucent, though in rare cases

Where is Turquoise Used?

Turquoise Used At Home

Placement inside your house enables it to absorb disproportion and negativities. It helps you free from financial strains and become productive. Turquoise can be used to cleanse the energy when placed in your bedroom.Some believe that placing the stone under your pillow brings pleasant dreams and enjoyable sleep, thus avoiding high emotional dreams and nightmares.

At Work Using Turquoise Stone

They are used for their impression of the water element in Feng shui. It improves one’s health by attracting money and wealth. Turquoise’s calm and energy make it attractive for the home office. It improves the flow of wealth by curing wealth issues that can be used with other crystals, such as citrine and earthy elements, for harmonious energy.Wearing turquoise stone gives you more knowledge and wisdom to think and lighten your moods for stressful and intricate works.

In People and Relationships Turquoise Stone

Turquoise stone balances the emotional problems between the partners. It encourages strength and courage in those couple in hard times, protects relationships, and covers it with supportive magic energies under challenging times.


Using turquoise stone in meditation activates your communication, aligning yourself truly and balancing healthy throat chakra, thus increasing wisdom and peace of mind. During vision quests and astral travel, turquoise strengthens and protects you.

In the gem water

Used for absorbing healing powers hence making you speak or communicate more expressive. Taking water infused with turquoise helps you to balance things physically and emotionally. It improves your speech by delivering a remarkable and smooth speech, increasing your body and mind’s energy.

Open throat Chakras

These crystals help to refresh clear communication. The throat chakra is essential to serenity, spiritual bonding, creativity, and communication. Wearing the stone encourages you on creative abilities and to speak live truth. This maintains and improves your health in various body organs respiratory system, throat, esophagus, and mouth.

Healing Properties for Turquoise Stone

Turquoise stones have powerful spiritual, emotional, and physical healing properties.

Spiritual Healing

  • It helps to equalize the lower chakras
  • Trigger the throats, third-eye chakras, and heart
  • Boosts self-realization
  • Increases intuitive powers

Emotional Healing

  • Improves harmony
  • Protect panic attacks
  • Cures stress, depression, and fatigue

Physical Healing

  • Absorbs nutrients
  • Cures sore throats and eyes
  • Repair damaged tissue
  • Improve immune system
  • Relieve the body’s pain

How to Keep Your Turquoise Stone Clean

  • Use warm or soapy water: it is not advisable to cleanse your stone with ultrasonic cleaners or heat, which can cause damage to turquoise.
  • Use soft wet cotton. The best way to cleanse your stone is by pouring some soap into the fabric and then damping it to the stone. Pouring directly into the stone can cause harmful effects.
  • Wiping the stone using a piece of soft fabric and cleaning. Drying the stone and wiping it gently and slowly avoids damaging the stone.

What color is turquoise?

  • Blue, Green


  1. Where are places to use turquoise stone?

You can use the stone in your house, at work, wearing it, and many more.

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