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Best Places to Visit Tiruvannamalai | Tamilnadu Tourism Places 2024. Tourist Places to Visit in Tiruvannamalai. Top Attractions in Thiruvannamalai. Best Places Near Thiruvannamalai


Tourism creates economic growth and opens the country to the world. It has helped preserve community culture and traditional ways. The spirit of adventure allows people to travel from far and wide to see amazing features such as mountains, animals, temples, and other incredible things across the world.

places to visit near tiruvannamalai
places to visit near tiruvannamalai

Places to Visit in Tiruvannamalai

Tiruvannamalai is an exclusivecity known for spiritual, economic, and cultural activities. The city is considered as the best and most attractive place for foreign visitors. It offers all activities, such as good transport networks, the best temples for popular and holy deities, and all kinds of worship, rituals, and festivals. Tiruvannamalai has multiple interesting places, as mentioned below in the guide.

Annamalaiyar Temple

Chola Kings constructed and ruled the temple in the 9th century after Pallava kings from Kanchipuram. Its name is derived from the location as it’sbased at the foot of Annamalai Hills. The Annamalaiyar Temple is well known for its strong historical background and spirituality. It’s unique in sung and pancha bhooda stalam. Brahmotsavam is a festival that occurs in the Tamil month of Karthikai (November and December). The temple is 14 kilometres where believers worship and circumambulate Annamalaiyar barefoot every full moon. Tiruvoodal is another celebration that is done around mid-January every year. The Annamalaiyar festival involves Parvati, Shiva, and worshipping Nandi.

Ramana Ashram

Located at the foothills of Aruchana hills and accessible by air transport, railway, and roads. It is a friendly place where tourists refresh and relax from the hassles of the city. Ramana Ashram is known for Advaita Vedanta philosopher, home to the modern saga and RamanaMaharshi. The Ramana Ashram contains program events that are followed everyday. The festivals that undergo at the Ramana Ashram, such as Maharshi’s birthday or BhagavanJayanti, are celebrated every year in the month of December or January. Other festivals such as Pongal, which occurs annually starting from January, Mahasivaratri in February or march and is known as the ‘Night of Shiva’Pujas are performed during these events and noted by an all-night Vigil, circumambulation of the hill, and Navratri, occur in October.

Virupaksha Cave

The symbol ‘Om’ in Thiruvannamalai is the shape of the cave ashram. TheVirupaksha cave is located at a small peak in Arunachala Hill below Skandrasram cave which is 200 feet. In the 13th century, Virupaksha Deva, who owned the cave from research the Virupaksha have spent his life at the cave, and his ashes were stored and are worshipped now and then.

Tamilnadu Tourism Places

Few Famous Temples & Places in Tamil Nadu

Renugambal Temple

Renugambal Temple is 55 kilometres from Thiruvannamalai, 20 kilometers from Arni and 40 kilometers from Vellore. SakthiStals, banana sheds, and coconut groves are famous in Renugambal temple. Afterthe declaration of establishment and independence rule in the 10th to 11th century in Padaivedu, there were fort remains founded in this place of the Chola king. Every year of aani from Yajna is believed that the VibhutiPrasatham cures diseases and avoid evil spirit. The festival in Renugambal Temple occurs in the month of Aadi every Friday.


According to architecture in South India, Vellore is one of the best military bases. Vellore has various activities and places to visit, like Vellore Fort, St. John’s church, Jalakandeswarar Temple, and more.Despite the coldest month (January and December), the winter season is preferred for visitors to visit the Vellore.

Tiruchirappalli Temple

The Temple is also known as Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple or Trichy, the biggest city. Trichy is located on the bank of the Cauvery River. A distance of 320 kilometres from Chennai. It has beautiful temple architecture compared to many other temples. The energetic and vibrant festivals make it the best place to visit and enjoy with family. They undergo festivals such as Jallikattu (celebrated in the time of Pongal), Poochorithal (celebrated in Chittirai month), Brahmotsava (celebrated in April, which include offering to Goddess Mariamman), Puratasi month, and Vaikunta Ekadasi (celebrated in mid-December to mid-January at the Srirangam temple.

Chidambram Temple

The temple has a unique geographical ground for the best place for mangrove forests. It is also known as the Pichavaram Mangrove, the second mangrove forest known worldwide. The Pichivaram dam and the backwaters are the best tourist attraction. It has ThillaiNataraja temple, the holiest place for Shiva worshippers, and the best-preserved temple in India. The convenient means of transport in Chidambram temple is either road or air.

Kanchipuram Temple

Also known as the ‘golden city of a thousand temples,’ which is famous for tourism. It has grandeur and a marvel of South Indian architecture for tourists interested in Hinduism. Different festivals occur in Brahmothsavam (January), Chariot (May), and Garudothsavam (April). The Pongal festival in January is celebrated with religious prayers, processions, pomp, and a delicious feast. Maha Shivaratri is celebrated from February to March. It’s a religious festival that attracts millions of devotees. The preferred season to visit the temple is March to October.

Kumbakonam Temple

Kumbakonam temple has 188 Hindu temples across Thiruvannamalai. The Mahamaham festival, which is a grand festival, is highly celebrated in the Kumbakonam temple. Thetemple’s distance from Thiruvannamalai is 169 kilometres. Some places to visit are Sarangapani temple, Adi Kumbeshwara temple, Nageswaran temple, etc.

Hogenakkal Water Falls

The Hogenakkal Water Falls is located in the Dharmapuri district. The KaveriRiver splits into different streams creating waterfalls. The water flows throughout the year from Bangalore at 180 kilometers. Hogenakkal Water Falls has suitable places to visit, such as Mettur Dam, Maugeri Hills, Hogenakkal Falls, and many more. Although it is known as the best place to visit, it has a challenging way to reach road transport is recommended for fast movement. The best time to tour Hogenakkal Waterfalls is to unwind and enjoy the waterfalls from October to February.

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